Fire looks like a great subject to photograph. We are fascinated by fire, and it is very tempting to try and capture images that would convey warmth and subtlety of the flame.  However, we forget that it is not the flame itself that creates that warm, cozy and romantic feeling we enjoy in front of the fire place in the evening.

Just a fire shot

Have a look at the image on the right. While it was fun to shoot, there is nothing I like about the image. Let me try to explain what I mean. The image has nothing to offer to the viewer: it is like a thousand other fire shots out there. At first sight you may find it visually appealing, but it does not convey the right feeling, and you get bored with the image the next minute. Would you hang it on a wall in your room? No way! There is nothing to look at.

What to shoot when shooting fire

burning wood

When shooting fire, try to shoot not the flame but the details such as burning wood, candles or matches, fireplace and people around. Details always make more interesting shots. Think of composing your image before you press the shutter button, and you will get more visually strong images.

Good luck and happy shooting.

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Written by Olia Picver
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