When thinking of categories for posts on this site, it occurred to me that it would be convenient to use photographic genres for categories. However, the question is What are the major photographic genres? Of course, everyone can name a few like portraiture and landscape photography, but how do these genres correlate with travel photography for example? Are portraiture and landscape photography included into travel photography or not?

You cannot classify a photo only by the subject photographed. A food photo can be made for advertising food or for a wedding album (for example, a wedding cake) or to depict traditions of a land or to tell a story. Therefore, in the first case it is commercial photography, in the second case it is wedding photography, in the third case—travel photography, and in the forth case—photojournalism. We need different criteria for our classification. The purpose of the photo may be the criterion we are looking for.

Having the photo’s purpose in mind, let us see what classification we can get:

  • Travel photography—portrays a land, its people and culture.
      • Landscape—depicts scenery such as mountains, rivers, and forests
      • Plants and animals
      • Street photography—depicts people in candid situations randomly and often without their knowledge.
      • Architectural photography
  • Family photography—depicts history and rituals of a family
    • Event photography
      • Wedding photography
    • Portraiture
      • Baby photography
      • Children photography
      • Senior photography
      • Pet photography
  • Photojournalism—makes images to tell a story.
    • Documentary photography—provides a record of social and political situations.
  • Art photography
    • Abstract and surreal photography
    • Black and white photography
  • Commercial imagery
    • Advertising photography
      • Product shots, tabletop
      • Food and drink
    • Fashion photography
    • Boudoir photography

There is not much info on photographic genres on the web. If you know a good classification or have any suggestions, please be so kind as to post a comment.

Written by Olia Picver
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